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Trouble getting a job due to your criminal record? Embarrassed by your criminal record? Try and get your criminal record erased today!

If you have been convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony in any Connecticut state court, the only way to erase convictions from your record is to apply for, argue for, and hopefully receive a pardon. Let the Law Offices of Michael T. Barrett, LLC assist you in applying for, and arguing for, a pardon. We have helped Connecticut residents and non-residents in their endeavors to receive a pardon.

Pardons are granted by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, not the Governor, judges, or legislators. The Board of Pardons and Paroles is an autonomous state. An applicant must submit a lengthy application along with specified supporting documents to the Board. The Board reviews that application and can deny the application or schedule the applicant to appear at a hearing before the Board. At the hearing the applicant may have to answer questions and are then given the opportunity to present arguments as to why should be pardoned.

If a person is granted a pardon, they may state under oath that they have never been convicted of a crime or even arrested (provided that the crime(s) erased are the only convictions on their record). If an application is denied, the applicant must wait one year before they can re-apply. With the stakes set high, let professional attorneys prepare your application and argue on your behalf.

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